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Planning Assistance


Planning Appeals

If in the unfortunate event your planning application is refused then you have the right to exercise an appeal via the planning inspectorate. The grounds and success of your planning appeal would be dependent on the circumstances however our team can review the refusal report/grounds for you and advise on the best practice to implement. Majority of the time after liaising with the local authority planning officer a suitable solution can be mutually agreed via a resubmission of the original application which would save on further costs and timescales. Feel free to contact us if you need to discuss a scheme that has had planning application refusal.


Severn Trent Build Over Applications

If your house extension is likely to be built over public sewer pipes that run underground then this would require a formal build over agreement via Severn Trent or United Utilities. Post My Plans have been working with local water companies to ensure that client’s have the relevant consent in place prior to construction works commencing on site. Our team is able to act as your agents in preparing the relevant construction details and submission of the application. This would involve cross section details of the drainage design alongside an existing and proposed site drainage plan.


Planning Enforcement/Retrospective Planning Applications

A retrospective planning application usually has to be submitted once a development has already taken place and the council planning team has issued an initial enforcement letter. The enforcement letter would usually detail the exact planning contravention with a timescale provided so that an opportunity is given to rectify this. A retrospective planning application is used for both commercial and householder sites where unauthorised development has been identified.

Our team has worked on a number of complex cases involving such applications for house extensions that have been part built, commercial businesses opened without relevant consent, shop frontages and roller shutters being installed, new boundary walls etc. Sometimes many of our client’s are unaware that planning consent is required for certain developments and therefore assistance is required to submit an application to satisfy any immediate planning concerns.


Change of use Planning Applications

If you are looking to change the use of a building from the current use into another use whether this is residential or commercial this is likely to require full planning permission. Post My Plans are able to assist in advising whether any permitted development laws can be exercised and if not then a full pack of drawings would be prepared in order to submit a formal application to the local authority. Some change of use applications we have previously helped client’s with include but are not limited to;

  • Change of use from vacant building to Oatcake shop (Hot Food)
  • Change of use from Public House to Large 10 Bedroom HMO
  • Change of use from Fireplace warehouse to Regional Appliance Centre
  • Change of use from Single dwelling to 3 Self Contained Flats
  • Change of use from Retail Shop to Smash Burger Outlet (Hot Food)
  • Change of use from Warehouse to Electricians Training Centre


Planning Statements & Design and Access Statement

A planning statement/design and access statement is usually required as part of a planning application submission for a commercial scheme or larger residential schemes. The purpose of this statement is to detail the proposal within the site context/surroundings so that the local authority can determine the application based on exact details of the given proposal. Post My Plans can look to prepare a statement on your behalf but usually this is included within our services if we are undertaking a full application submission.

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