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Building Regulations

Technical Building Regulation Drawings

Building regulation drawings also known as construction drawings are usually required post planning and prior to a project being tendered. These can be provided for commercial or residential projects and would detail the specific technical details required for construction such as:

  • Floor construction make-up
  • Wall construction make-up
  • Roof construction make-up
  • Thermal U-value ratings for insulation to be used on the project
  • Technical detailing and construction spot details for any site specific constraints
  • Drainage details
  • Windows/Doors/Rooflight U-values
  • Fire safety
  • Electrical and M&E information

Our team would normally provide all client’s with an option for us to prepare these but in some cases for residential projects client may wish to pursue a building notice which would eliminate the need of further detail drawings. Feel free to contact us if you have further technical queries in regards to this matter.

Structural Design & Calculations

Post My Plans can provide full structural design and calculations via our in house engineers which would be accompanied by a structural report to satisfy building regulations. Structural details can be provided to cater for any of the following:

  • Chimney removal
  • Wall removal- requirement of replacement steel
  • Raft foundation design and calculations
  • New extension roof calculations or cranked steel design
  • Timber span calculations for floors and roof
  • RSJ (Steel) Calculations for Bi-fold doors, balconies and more
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